FAQ - The most frequent questions of our customers

The most frequent questions of our customers


To which countries do you deliver orders?

  • We deliver orders to:
    Albania, Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Georgia, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Great Britain.


How can I make kanekalon smooth?

  • Kanekalon can be heat-treated up to a maximum of 130 °C.


What is the difference between dream kanekalon and 100% kanekalon?

  • 100% kanekalon does not have trimmed ends and requires trimming for thin ends. The dream kanekalon is ready for knitting.


How to adjust the end of the tails so they don't unravel?

  • The ends of the pigtails need to be braided completely even.


How to comb kanekalon?

  • Kanekalon should be combed gradually from bottom to top. First comb the bottom and gradually continue upwards.


How to care for braided hair?

  • It is necessary to wash the hair regularly, every strand gently. Then dry them and spray disinfectant on the paths.


What products do I need if I want to start braiding?

  • You can find all the necessary braiding products for beginners in the "Box according to Olga". And then just braid and practice. 😉


Can braiding with kanekalon ruin my hair?

  • No, proper braiding does not damage the hair.


How will the shipment arrive?

  • We send shipments through the company Packeta or through Post.


What is the order delivery time?

  • We ship every shipment as soon as possible so that the customer receives it the next day after ordering. However, this only applies to orders within the Slovak and Czech Republic via the Packeta shipping company. For other countries, shipping time is 1-7 days


Is it possible to come in person to order?

  • Of course, after selecting personal collection in the order, it is possible to come in person to Šúrska Street 136/A in Modra.


Do you also send goods abroad?

  • Of course, we send the goods almost all over the world.


Can I return the goods?

  • Yes, if the goods are unwrapped and unused, they can be returned within 14 days. You can find out more information about returning goods HERE.


Can I return only part of the order?

  • Yes, but the goods must be unwrapped and unused. The money will then be returned to you for the returned goods.


How can I complain about goods?

  • It is enough if you write an e-mail to info@vysnivanecopiky.sk that you want to complain about the goods and we will inform you about the next procedure. Learn more about advertising HERE.


Where should I send faulty goods?

  • You can send defective goods back via Packet with the code you received in the package or via the Slovak post office to the address: Vysnívané copiky s.r.o., Šúrska 136/A 902 01 Modra.


When will the goods be available?

  • We try hard to ensure that there are no shortages of goods. Since we order goods from other countries, we cannot influence the delivery date. You can use our "Guard" service and as soon as we stock the goods, you will receive an email notification of availability.
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