About us

I started my career as a braider in 2018 and the idea of selling kanekalon did not come because I wanted to make it a business... As a braider with appointments booked a month in advance, I always stocked up and offered a colorful selection for my clients. Other braiders started asking me if I had this or that color of kanekalon in stock and if I could sell it to them. Especially if I could send it first-class, because they needed the kanekalon for a client with an already scheduled appointment and were afraid that if they ordered it elsewhere, it wouldn't arrive on time. I always wanted to help, so in the evening, after putting my kids to bed, I would pack orders so they would be shipped the next day. By the way, sometimes my father-in-law would even drop the packages off at the post office for me 😁.

When I worked from home in Žiar nad Hronom, I braided from morning to night. If someone wanted an appointment over the weekend, at 6:00 in the morning before work, or even at 21:00 after work, I rarely said "no". The boundary between home and work was blurred, so I really wanted to separate work from household and mainly wanted to move to the next level. 

Many people ask me why we chose Modra. Since most of my clients came from Bratislava and Trnava, my husband and I decided to look for work and living spaces in Bratislava. Thus, Michal embarked on a three-day trip to Bratislava in search of available rental spaces. Over time, our search expanded, because I really didn't just want to rent. 😂 We were looking for a good balance between price and quality, and thus we found the ideal place in the quiet and beautiful town of Modra, just 25 km from Bratislava. In September 2019, I opened my braiding salon in Modra and a new chapter began. 

In Modra, the sale of kanekalon continued first-class. By the way, when our second daughter (third child) was born, we would always pass by the post office during our strolls. 😁 The orders kept increasing, and besides kanekalon, we also started getting orders for hairband elastics, which are a great accessory for simple and quick hairstyles for both children and women. Manually processing orders became time-consuming, so Michal came up with the idea to simplify and automate the process. Thus, the e-shop www.dreamybraids.com, which Michal created entirely himself, was born. This was in 2020.

Now, our e-shop Dreamy Braids consists of a team of people who share one common priority, which has remained unchanged since the beginning: to assist braiders in getting everything they need for their work, and especially quickly! Even if the sky were falling, packages have to be packed and shipped today! We all know well that if you have a client for a hairstyle and you lack kanekalon, you'd want it yesterday, otherwise you're losing business. 😂

So, who makes up our team? Olga and Michal manage all processes, while Linda, Vlasta, and Boris pack parcels and handle inventory. Zorka communicates with customers on the e-shop chat, and David is in charge of marketing. Saška and Lucka are part-time helpers assisting with product preparation.

Thanks to Linda, nothing is forgotten, as she has the habit of noting down all tasks. Internally, we call Boris the "tetris master", because packing parcels and precisely fitting the box size comes naturally to him, and it's his hobby. And as if that wasn't enough, Vlasta spoils us almost daily with cakes... can you also smell the scent of freshly baked cake when opening your order? 😍

Every team member has their own role, but when goods arrive, everyone gets to work, carrying boxes upstairs immediately, because why? Goods need to be counted and stocked ASAP because our customers are eagerly waiting and they keep an eye on special items. Additionally, we have wonderful relationships with our suppliers, who send us notes, gifts with the goods, or thank-you letters for our long-term and reliable work. This always warms our hearts when receiving goods.

Every person in our team is like a cog in a clock. Together, we form a process that now resembles a big business but started with a single message: "Olga, do you by any chance have red kanekalon?”

I love my team and enjoy going to work every day because there's always a good atmosphere, smiles, and camaraderie.

❤️ Thank you, our customers, for choosing us. ❤️


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