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KVITOK - Shampoo bar with conditioner Tea tree 50g (for oily hair)

Concentrated shampoo bar with tea tree oil is intended for all types of hair, but especially for oily hair.

Thanks to tea tree oil, chlorella and Ayurvedic NEEM (nimbus) powder, it effectively fights against oiliness of the scalp and hair.

For better care, the shampoo is enriched with a natural non-ionic conditioning component - inulin and vegetable keratin.


✓ Hair is clean, shiny, easy to comb

✓ It is easy to use

✓ Foams well and cleans thoroughly

✓ does not burden the hair and scalp

✓ Small, light and easily portable


Made in Slovakia.

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This shampoo also contains conditioning ingredients, but they do not form a full-fledged conditioning system, therefore, in case of need and need for increased hair protection, we recommend using the shampoo in combination with the conditioner.


Tea tree shampoo is suitable for all hair types, but especially for quickly oily hair.


Problems with excessive oiliness of the hair can have various causes. It is necessary to focus on their identification, because if you make a mistake in care by aggressively degreasing it with inappropriate shampoos or using too many products, the skin can react by producing an excessive amount of protective sebum to protect itself from drying out or to get rid of excess impurities. After that, however, it is possible to eliminate excessive sebum production by changing the shampoo or the overall approach to hair washing.


If it is caused by e.g. hormonal imbalance, then no shampoos will help, regardless of the brand, as they really cannot interfere with the body's internal processes.


Tea tree essential oil is ideal for cleaning oily skin in the hair area, has an antibacterial effect, loosens clogged hair follicles, thereby improving blood microcirculation and hair is better nourished. Antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil benefit the scalp, it is protected from infections.


Nimbus powder and Chlorella powder support skin cleansing, skin revitalization, relieve itching.


Solid shampoos can fully replace classic liquid shampoos, they are gentler, they do not contain aggressive surfactants that dry and irritate the skin, such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), silicones or synthetic fragrances and dyes.


Shampoos do not even contain water, and therefore do not require the addition of classic preservatives. They are fully and easily biodegradable and do not harm the environment.


They contain natural ingredients such as chamomile hydrolate, bamboo butter, essential oils or herbal extracts.


These are so-called syndets - that is, shampoos based on fine vegetable surfactants derived from coconut oil (SCI and SLSA), they are not soap-based shampoos, after which it is necessary to use an acid rinse.


Thanks to the gentle surfactants, they effectively remove dirt and grease from the hair and scalp. Thanks to them, the shampoo creates a rich foam and is suitable for use in both soft and hard water.


We also enriched the shampoos with a natural conditioning ingredient - inulin, which smoothes and maintains the hydration of the hair and scalp.


The new formula also contains the so-called vegetable keratin complex - which is a mixture of corn, wheat and soy protein. It is a plant-based, vegan substitute for classic keratin commonly used in hair cosmetics, and it has replaced the original rice protein in its composition. Hydrolyzed proteins have smaller molecules that better penetrate the hair (specifically the cuticle). In our body, they are among the key components that are often referred to as NMF (natural moisturizing factor). These compounds are responsible for maintaining the skin's moisture and elasticity by attracting and retaining water.


Thanks to the triple combination of plant proteins, this complex improves hair hydration, strengthens the structure, protects against drying, adds softness and shine, prevents breakage and splitting. It provides the hair with protection from adverse external influences, helps the hair to heal in case of initial splitting and damage to the cuticle, increases its strength and elasticity. Visibly improves the quality of the hair, it is less flyaway and hydrated.


All shampoos also contain panthenol (provitamin B5), which improves hair quality, increases shine and reduces hair breakage.


Glycerin, shea butter - prevent drying of the scalp

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