Doprava nad 55€/1399CZK cez Zásielkovňu zdarma!


boxerské copíky pre zákazníkov na 7 rokov_small

Extra boxer braids - from €60

extra boxerské copíky_small

Boxer braids with feelers - €60

boxerské copíky s tykadlami pre zákazníkov nad 7 rokov_small

Goddess braids (4-5) - from €100

4-5 copíkov s kanekalonom pre zákazníkov nad 7 rokov_small

Goddess braids (6-7) - from €120

6-7 copíkov s kanekalonom pre zázakníkov nad 7 rokov_small

Side cornrows - from €50

Side braids_small

Highlights - €80

farebné pramienky_small

Braid of 7 braids - €100

Cop zo 7 copíkov pre zákazníkov nad 7 rokov_small

Snake braids - €120

Cop z 12 copíkov pre zákazníkov nad 7 rokov_small

Braided ponytail - €100

vysnívaný cop pre zákazníkov nad 7 rokov_small

Braided ponytail extra - €120

vysnívaný cop extra_small

SE/ DE twists - €300

Crochet twisty_small

SE / DE braids - €300

DE copíky_small

Sphinx - €300


SE / DE Dreadlocks - €300

pseudo dredy_small

Hair extensions - €300

predĺženie vlasov_small

Knotted/Knotless individual braids - from €350

afro copíky_small

Voluminous braids and dreadlocks for the occiput - €150

 afro zátylok_small

Braided man bun undercut -  €80


Man bun undercut with braids/dreadlocks - €150



The dates for the hairstyle always open on the 15th day of the month at 10:00 the following month.

For selected hairstyles, it is necessary to properly prepare the material (braiding / production of dreadlocks), which takes longer than the hairstyle itself:

Braids, Dreadlocks, Twists, Sphinx.

If you want any of this, please contact me or Zora first so that we can prepare everything necessary in time.


Personally, I prefer the way of communicating via instagram.

Why? Because I know better about hairstyles in "photos" than in words.

I want "braids" and I want "braids" are often completely different hairstyles, different knitting time, different wearing time, different prices.

You can always contact me on @vsnivanecopiky or @vsnivaneterminy.


Salon address: Šúrska 136 / A, 900 01 Modra (Ebenica coffee building)




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